Hijab-wearing bank robber sought in Chicago

More reasons to celebrate diversity!  Bandit Tracker Chicago brings us news of a breakthrough of some sort.  A hijab-wearing bank robber is being sought, suspected of three "non-takeover bank robberies" over the past several months, all of them at Chase Bank branches.

The official description from the latest heist is:

Female/Middle Eastern; approximately 5'5'', slender build 130 lbs, late 20s to early 30s. Wearing a pink headscarf, pink shirt, light gray sweatpants, and black shoes.

It is completely unknown whether this garb is a fashion statement, a declaration of jihad, an expression of piety and modesty, or merely a convenient excuse to wear a mask and go about unchallenged, with an invisible shield of political correctness lowering the probability of a confrontation.



A somewhat different look was used in the other two robberies:

There is a lot of variety in hijabs, but to my infidel's eye, the robber is drawing inspiration from various Palestinian terrorists' use of a headscarf to hide their identity.

Normally, it is illegal to walk a city with your face masked, but Islam demands special treatment.  So in this age of political correctness, fear of being labeled "Islamophobic" creates the potential for miscreants to walk around in a mask.  The kidnappers of Elizabeth Smart understood this well and were able to evade capture for months by masking her face in a manner that appeared to be Islamic when in public.

Ironically, the latest robbery follows on celebration of the Muslim Women’s Empowerment Day (hat tip: Big Fur Hat):

The pink theme is priceless.