What life is like in the Caliphate of Birmingham

When Muslims are in the minority, they complain about being oppressed.  But the minute they become the majority, they  become real oppressors because of the inherent intolerance of their culture.  Nowhere is this more evident than in many parts of Birmingham, England.

Khalid Masood, 52, the Briton responsible for the deadly attack outside Parliament last week ... had a connection to Birmingham, having moved almost a year ago to this city of 1.1 million, where more than than [sic] one in five residents declare Islam as their religion. ... [T]he police also announced Sunday that they had arrested an unidentified man in Birmingham as part of the investigation of Mr. Masood.

Birmingham was the birthplace of Britain's first suicide bomber, the residence of a financier of the Sept. 11 attacks, and the place where Al Qaeda hatched a plot to blow up a commercial airliner in 2006. When a masked member of the Shabab, the Somali extremist group, celebrated the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby in a 2013 video, he listed Birmingham as the first source of its fighters.

So many Islamist militants have been born in Birmingham – or have passed through – that the Birmingham Mail newspaper once lamented that the city had the dubious distinction of "Terror Central."

Members of Birmingham's Muslim communities acknowledged the linkage between their city and Islamist extremism, which many attribute to poverty and drug abuse that make youths vulnerable to jihadist recruiters.

But poverty and drug abuse don't usually make non-Muslims "vulnerable" to wanting to commit mass murder, do they?  It's funny how only Muslims are "vulnerable" to becoming mass murderers, 99 times out of 100.

Part of Birmingham's allure to prospective militants is its diverse sprawl of Muslim neighborhoods where they can blend in easily, local activists said.

"Blend in easily" is a coded acknowledgment that Muslims generally will not turn in radical Muslims to the police.

In the neighborhoods of Sparkbrook, Washwood Heath and Alum Rock, where many of Birmingham's Muslims live, mosques dot the cityscape, some offering Shariah councils for family matters. After-school madrassas serve a growing demand for parents who want their children to study the Quran. Even state-funded schools often accommodate religious demands, allowing for lunchtime prayer.

This is England!  Also, parts of France, Germany, the Netherlands, and other places that are being colonized.

Birmingham's Green Lane Mosque, a red brick building with a clock tower that was formerly a public library, once had a reputation as an "incubator" of militants, Khalid Mahmood, a local lawmaker, said. Now the mosque seeks to counter them.


When Muslims are admitted in large numbers, the idea of "vetting" them becomes useless; in numbers this large, they take over society and make it their own.  They come fleeing a failing culture and then promptly impose that culture on their new home when their numbers become large enough.  Their new territories become no-go zones for non-Muslims, and they effectively become self-governing with sharia law.

Stop Muslim immigration now.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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