The logic of the media/Dem obsession with Trump and Russia

I believe I now understand the story of the dangerous Trump-Russia connection that has received 24-7 coverage by the media and Democrats.  Because of this story, the main media outlets don't even have enough time to cover the rape of a 14-year-old by two illegal aliens the Obama administration allowed to roam the country.  Last July, the "independent" FBI director, Comey, was sitting there minding his own business, and without any surveillance of Trump and his associates and without any input from anyone in the Obama administration, he decided that it was necessary to open an investigation of Russian-Trump connections.  I believe there were two candidates for president, but somehow only Trump was investigated.  I believe that Putin and his team were sitting around saying, We've got to get rid of Hillary, because although Russia paid off Bill and Podesta and made sure the Clinton Foundation got tons of donations so Hillary would allow the...(Read Full Post)