Repair Obamacare? Call on Dems to present their plan

For the record, I would have preferred for the GOP House pass an imperfect bill and move it to the US Senate.  It would have shown that we can govern and given Senator Cruz, Senator Lee, and a few others a chance to make the case for a full repeal as promised to voters.  It would also have forced many red-state Democrats to speak about it.  Last, but not least, President Trump would have had a victory.

Instead, we get to read Ezra Klein say the GOP cannot govern, or Democrats claiming victory, and so on and so on.    

I love the Democrat who said the American people had voted to preserve their health insurance.  Can someone tell that Democrat that it was a group of GOP members who killed it because the proposal on the floor did not go far enough?  Demagoguery knows no bounds!

What happens now?

The Democrats won a short-term victory, indeed, but they set themselves up for a huge loss down the road.  In other words, it is still Obamacare after Friday's vote, and it is not getting better.

Like a very sick patient, Obamacare will soon move to hospice and die.  We may call it the point of no return for a poorly designed plan that few Democrats had the courage to vote against in 2010.  (Maybe they were hoping Justice Roberts would kill it for them!)

A short time ago, we heard some pretty bad news about enrollment and the state of the plan:

The 2017 final figure, which updates a preliminary report released last month, was down from 12.7 million in 2016.

Furthermore, as the article points out:

Several major insurers have pulled out of the marketplace over the past year, citing losses from sicker-than-anticipated customers. Many insurers that remained increased premiums sharply this year.

What does President Trump do?

President Trump can just sit back and let Obamacare go bust.  This is tempting because it will force the Democrats to defend it.  Again, it is still called Obamacare after Friday's no vote.

He could publicly call on Democrats to present ideas to "repair it," as they say.  Let's see how many of those ideas are nothing more than huge tax increases or more subsidies.  So far, the Democrats have had the benefit of defending Obamacare in the abstract.  Let's call on Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer to tell us what they have in mind.  My guess is that they are not really looking forward to that.

There are no pretty options now.   Obamacare will implode, and Democrats will regret the day they didn't work with Speaker Ryan to move something to the Senate, where they have more power.

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