The logic of the media/Dem obsession with Trump and Russia

I believe I now understand the story of the dangerous Trump-Russia connection that has received 24-7 coverage by the media and Democrats.  Because of this story, the main media outlets don't even have enough time to cover the rape of a 14-year-old by two illegal aliens the Obama administration allowed to roam the country. 

Last July, the "independent" FBI director, Comey, was sitting there minding his own business, and without any surveillance of Trump and his associates and without any input from anyone in the Obama administration, he decided that it was necessary to open an investigation of Russian-Trump connections.  I believe there were two candidates for president, but somehow only Trump was investigated. 

I believe that Putin and his team were sitting around saying, We've got to get rid of Hillary, because although Russia paid off Bill and Podesta and made sure the Clinton Foundation got tons of donations so Hillary would allow the sale of uranium to go through, Putin wanted Trump.  The Russians were allowed to expand wherever they wanted with Obama and Hillary; Obama dropped the missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic; Obama did nothing about his silly red line in Syria; he and NATO reneged on their commitment to defend Ukraine when Russia attacked; and the Obama administration continually lied so it could get Iran over a hundred billion dollars to buy weapons from Russia, to buy uranium from Russia, and to help us protect Assad. 

Therefore, obviously, Putin wanted to get rid of Hillary and elect Trump.  After all, Obama had told Putin to cut it out on any interference in September, and that was too much of a threat.  Wasn't it great in 2012, when Obama said he would have more flexibility with Russia after he was re-elected and when he reminded Mitt Romney that the Cold War is over and it was silly of him to believe that Russia is dangerous?  Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry have always had an extremely intelligent foreign policy to lead from Russia wanted Trump. 

By October, with absolutely no spying or surveillance of Trump, the New York Times got illegal scoops from unnamed intelligence sources about the Trump-Russia connection.  Of course, there seems never to have been any concern with all the Hillary-Russia connections, so there was no need to spy on them or have any concern there.  Only Trump and his people.  If no one was listening in before the election, how would the stories have come out? 

Throughout the release of Democrat emails, Julian Assange said they didn't come from Russia, but whom are we to believe: Assange or the NYT and all the other media outlets and unnamed Obama intelligence officials who said it was Russia? 

Comey, who wasn't able to tell if Hillary and her aides had the intent to break the law with her server, somehow is able to read Putin's mind on whom he wanted to be elected despite not even having a pretend interview like what the FBI had with Hillary. 

Throughout the last eight years, no one from the intelligence community, the Democrats, or the media ever did a story about Russian interference in our elections, but only now, when Hillary, a congenital liar who got filthy rich while serving in public office, lost was everyone concerned about interference, and of course, it was Trump who was the problem. 

Seventeen intelligence agencies who seemed to have no idea that Hillary was running classified documents for four years somehow are able to tell absolutely that Russia hacked the DNC and that they and Putin wanted Trump to win.  They are amazing.

Why would anyone ever believe that Obama would ever target his political enemies?  After all, he never called Tea Party members terrorist, never had the IRS intentionally shut up political opponents, and never had the Justice Department and Democrat attorneys general throughout the country threaten legal action against anyone who disagreed with the agenda on climate change.  I say never because the media and Democrats never really cared about those stories. 

After being extremely secretive throughout his eight years, at the end of his presidency, Obama and Loretta Lynch reduced the classification on many documents so they could more easily be disseminated throughout the government.  I am amazed that with all the accidental intercepts and the unmasking of individuals, not one of the leaked conversations or documents involved Obama administration officials, Kerry, Democrat congressmen, or Hillary.  The intelligence agencies are gathering information around the world, but they accidentally picked up only communications involving Trump and his team.  The only unmasked names involved Trump transition members.

Maybe if we called it profiling, the media and Democrats would care.  Even the NYT admitted that the reason Obama and Lynch did it was to harm Trump.  Aren't the media and Democrats surprised or concerned that only people related to Trump had their conversations released?  Even if Obama didn't order the spying himself, the buck stops with him. 

Obviously, no one really cares if Russia interfered with the election, because if anyone did, there would be reports on Hillary as well as Trump, and there would have been intelligence reports from 2008 and 2012, because Russia has tried to interfere for a long time.  The sole purpose of these reports and leaks is that need of the powerful people in D.C. from both parties to destroy the outsider Trump to protect their power.  The media are willing accomplices. 

So everyone should remember that whatever Trump does or the Republicans do, they must be defeated.  Democrats have always been obstructionists.  They will get along only if people who disagree give in.  McCain and Graham are in demand only when they trash other Republicans. 

Everyone should also remember that little 14-year-old girls and young women like Kate Steinle, and all other people who are attacked or killed by illegal immigrants, are expendable and not worth telling the public about because that diverts from the agenda. 

Newspapers are always trying to save time and money because their readership is going down, so I believe they should just use one headline for all papers while Trump is serving: "Trump delusional, evil, stupid; Obama and Hillary smart, enlightened, pure as driven snow."  That will be much easier and cheaper than coming up with a version of the same headline every day.