Do NPR, PBS, and the NEA really need government funding?

As usual, the hysterical New York Times wants you to think that President Trump will take food from the mouth of babies or leave us at the mercy of polluters.   Washington's response is also rather predictable. After all, they've grown accustomed to all that money being spent in their city. In fact, the Trump budget is based on principles that the Founding Fathers would love, i.e. the federal government has no business running everything or funding radio, TV, or the arts! It would put the federal government in its place and let the states run these programs, as the Washington Times opines: The bigger question is this: Which activities are properly performed by the federal government, and which activities are properly left to other bodies, such as states, local governments, the private sector or nonprofit organizations? For much of the Washington news media, cutting federal funding for something is the same as opposing that thing.  Trump's...(Read Full Post)