‘Ending Jewish Privilege’ flyers distributed at University of Illinois, Chicago

The rising tide of Jew-hatred raised its ugly head in Chicago this week, hurling a slur that could signal a new rationale for anti-Semitism.  The University of Illinois, Chicago (where Bill Ayers was a professor for decades), saw antisemitic pamphlets and posters.  Stephen Gossett of Chicagoist writes:

"Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege," the flyer reads. Several figures with Stars of David stand atop a pyramid. "Is the 1% Straight White Men? Or is the 1% Jewish," it reads.


Student and Rohr Chabad House president Eva Zeltser, who posted a photo of the flyer on Facebook, sent a letter to the Dean of Students asking that the university take action. "If you are against hate crimes against one group, you should be against these acts of violence for ALL groups," she wrote. "I understand free speech, but what about my freedom to feel safe on campus," she added.

As several commenters noted, the math on the flyer, which tries to cobble together two PEW Research polls, does not add up, either.

The university’s response contained boilerplate about "the importance of tolerance, inclusion and diversity" and also "the right to free expression,” but did use the word “anti-Semitic” to describe the posters.

No doubt some people will tally this rise to Trump supporters for no good reason, but the rhetoric of “white privilege” suggests a demographic that voted heavily for Hillary. Which leads me to believe that the perps here will suffer no consequences.

The expression “Jewish Privilege” is particularly chilling for Jews, of course, because Jews are so disproportionately successful in many realms of competition. In an era when claims of victimhood are rewarded, few targets are more tempting than the disproportionately successful.