A brief look at WaPo's latest book reviews

A few weeks ago, much to the wife's dismay, the Washington Post, in another apparent cost-cutting move, outsourced its daily crossword to the LA Times.  A few years ago, with the same goal, the paper dropped its Sunday book review supplement, instead cramming three or four reviews a week into the Outlook section.  That makes it tough on the editors, who must come up with a suitably interesting and diverse assortment of books to cover within a limited framework. This week, they did a bang-up job.  Let's examine it – see what they were thinking. First, a selection of Russian Revolution tomes in honor of the centennial.  Second, the autobiography of a hermaphrodite who refers to herself/himself as s/he and h/er, and the reviewer does, too.  Third, a biography of the paper's favorite bête noire, Richard Nixon.  And lastly, the memoirs of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black. Can...(Read Full Post)