Was Watergate a black op, too?

The Myth of Watergate – the one that's repeated over and over in the media – tells us that two intrepid young reporters, Bob Woodward (R) and Carl Bernstein (CPUSA), discovered a Secret Source nicknamed Deep Throat. 

Deep Throat turned on the WaPo scandal tap every time another drip of poison was needed to destroy a duly elected president of the United States named Richard M. Nixon. 

From the 1970s on, there have been doubters about the Myth of Watergate, and today happens to be the perfect time to look back on history. 

After all, the Fakestream yell, "WATERGATE!" every time somebody chooses to question their integrity.  "How could you not believe us?" they keep shouting.  "Remember Watergate!"

Well, the skeptics can point to some verifiable facts on Watergate. 

Item 1. 

Deep Throat was unmasked to the public when he died about ten years ago, and he turned out to be one Mark Felt, Jr., J. Edgar Hoover's associate director of the FBI. 

Felt was passed over for promotion to director of the FBI by President Nixon.

By the exalted moral standards of Washington, D.C., Mark Felt had plenty of reason to want to destroy President Nixon. 

It was Mark Felt who met with Woodward and Bernstein to administer one dose of deadly poison after another to President Nixon, until Nixon was abandoned by the Republican Party and resigned from the office of president of the United States.  

Woodward and Bernstein received undying fame for their intrepid shoe-leather reporting, but it was Mark Felt who mixed every dose of poison they bylined. 

Item 2.

The editor-in-chief at the Washington Post during Watergate was Ben Bradlee, former CIA spook, with his own long list of reasons to hate Richard Nixon.  

Felt and Bradlee were both "old Washington hands," as they called themselves, both members of the D.C. Leftist Establishment from the Stalin years on.  They had years of experience running black ops against America's friends and foes.  They knew exactly how it's done. 

Woodward and Bernstein fronted for former spooks Bradlee and Felt, old comrades-in-arms, you might say. 

The media might try to tell you they eventually told the truth, after Felt and Bradlee were good and dead.

The media have no shame, and only Twitter can contradict them today. 

So you can believe our self-hyping media about Watergate.  Or you can choose to think Watergate turned the whole Fakestream into a raging lynch mob, because Nixon had publicly exposed Eastern Establishment Stalinists in D.C. during the Truman years. 

Today, you can actually decide, based on publicly available information, who were the good guys in Watergate and who were the real traitors. 

(Hint: They are the same gang.)

Real historians have finally gotten around to telling the truth about Soviet infiltration of the U.S. government, plus American and European universities and the Big Media – infiltration Senators Nixon and McCarthy fought to the bitter end. 

Nixon and McCarthy were partly successful in discrediting Stalinist agents, but Watergate was the revenge of the Establishment against Nixon (along with such unjustly forgotten figures as Walter Krivitsky, Victor Kravchenko, Igor Gouzenko, Eugene Lyons, Ben Gitlow, and Jay Lovestone).

No wonder Senator Charles Schumer warned Donald Trump about Big Spooks a couple of weeks ago. 

By now you can look it up in real history books – not Howard Zinn's pack of poison that's still being peddled to dopey college students these days. 

Bottom line: Either you can believe those two old "Washington hands," Felt and Bradlee, who hated Richard Nixon and "ran" Woodward and Bernstein...

...or you can believe the media. 

It's up to you. 

See: William Shakespeare: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones" (Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene ii).

PS.  Nixon was not exactly innocent, but  Democrat presidents always got a pass from the Fakestream for Nixon-type behavior or worse. 

PPS. See LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the history of CIA black ops that triggered major U.S. combat in the Vietnam War.

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