New study shows West Virginia is the transgender capital of America

Have you ever wondered where the most people who think they're members of the opposite sex in America can be found, percentage-wise?  Los Angeles?  Manhattan?  San Francisco?


West Virginia.

According to a new study, West Virginia leads the nation in boys who think they are girls (and, I suppose, girls who think they are boys).  If we assume that the same applies to the adult population in the same proportions, that means that in West Virginia, nearly 1% of big, burly men going down into coal mines are wearing pantyhose and miniskirts under their overalls because they believe they are girls.

After West Virginia, the state with the second highest proportion of transgendered people is none other than the Obamas' favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.  Do you think Barack and Michelle enjoyed vacationing there because of the rich gender diversity?

Meanwhile, the states with the most normal people – I mean, the states with the highest proportion of boys who think they are boys and girls who are convinced they are girls – are Iowa and Connecticut.

Iowa and Connecticut!  Where men are men, and women are women, and there are almost never any surprises in the locker room.

This study also claimed, by the way, that there are 1.4 million men who think they are women and/or women who think they are men.

Why only 1.4 million?  I'm convinced that the number is much higher – maybe 10 million, 20 million, 30 million!  I mean, if you polled all the men and women and asked exactly what they have in their pants and included an "I don't know" option, I'll bet at least 10 or 20% are going to say they don't know.

This study was conducted by the UCLA School of Law.  I'll bet that if you polled the faculty and student body at the UCLA School of Law, you'd find that at least 30% or 40% don't know what they've got down there.  You might have to wonder why the UCLA School of Law isn't located in West Virginia!

Questions for discussion:

1) Is there the remotest of possibilities that the people who made this "study" have a political agenda to show that as many "transgendered" people exist as possible?

2) Do you think a mass migration of real men from a real he-man state like Connecticut into West Virginia could make W.V. more of a masculine bastion once again?

3) Do you think the apparent number of transgendered people in West Virginia has its roots in the decision to break West Virginia apart as state separate from the rest of the South?

4) Do you think former President Obama's war on coal took its toll on the masculinity of West Virginians?

5) Is there anyone reading this article who doesn't realize that the target of this satire is not the masculinity of West Virginians, but the purveyors of this alleged "study"?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at