New study shows West Virginia is the transgender capital of America

Have you ever wondered where the most people who think they're members of the opposite sex in America can be found, percentage-wise?  Los Angeles?  Manhattan?  San Francisco? No. West Virginia. According to a new study, West Virginia leads the nation in boys who think they are girls (and, I suppose, girls who think they are boys).  If we assume that the same applies to the adult population in the same proportions, that means that in West Virginia, nearly 1% of big, burly men going down into coal mines are wearing pantyhose and miniskirts under their overalls because they believe they are girls. After West Virginia, the state with the second highest proportion of transgendered people is none other than the Obamas' favorite vacation spot, Hawaii.  Do you think Barack and Michelle enjoyed vacationing there because of the rich gender diversity? Meanwhile, the states with the most normal people – I mean, the states with the highest...(Read Full Post)