Silence of the shepherds

How can the Catholic Church in good conscience continue to appear to have more concern for refugees than for the protection of most innocent of human life?  The Church's prelates, in writing and in speech, openly criticize President Trump's supposed "failures" regarding refugees.  And yet, other than Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, not one cardinal or bishop has come out in praise of President Trump's commitment and work to end government support of abortion.

Since Roe v. Wade, many Christians and Jews and members of other faiths have tried to awaken politicians at every level to the horror of snuffing out the life of a defenseless being, one possessed of a soul created and infused by the Creator.  For many of us, it is incomprehensible that such an act could become so tolerated in our country that over fifty million of our offspring could have been wiped out since 1973, and all with the full support of all three branches of our federal government.  Are we now supposed to be encouraged by reports that the number of abortions in recent years is down to just one million offspring killed per year?  Really – only one million?

Yes, in Christian charity, we should have concern for foreign refugees, and we, as a people and country, should do what we can for them.  But in the real world, and as a matter of conscience and social justice, we have an obligation to first offer available jobs to unemployed Americans, especially veterans, before refugees.  And then absorb refugees as best as we can with available welfare resources.

But under no conceivable circumstances will our president or our government cause the death of anywhere close to one million refugees if our country does not make "refugees" a top priority.  Any failure by our government in this regard will likely result in no refugee deaths.

However, it is a certainty that if President Trump does everything possible, as he has promised, to end government support of abortion, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved.

Many of us have been sending letters to Church leaders and presidents, to senators and congressmen, over the last four decades, asking that an end be put to our government's involvement with the enterprise of abortion – all to no avail, because next to no politicians have in forty years had the fortitude to take on this hateful industry and the related politics...until now.

And with this beneficial work now underway by the new administration, the Catholic Church is silent, speechless – unwilling to give credit and thanks where credit is due: to President Trump.  The Church's silence in this matter is becoming more obvious and disturbing as each week goes by since the president took office.

The Catholic Church knows that there is no moral equivalency between protecting human life in the womb and assisting refugees.  So let us all, especially the Church, give President Trump and his pro-life administration our prayers and full support as he does God's work.  And may we thank God for His gift of Mr. Trump to the hundreds of thousands of defenseless unborn, many of whom will now have a chance for life. 

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