Calkickout Petition

People from California can sign the Calexit petition, but what about the rest of us in the other 49 states?  From my point of view, we would benefit the most from California leaving the Union.   Think of it.  Fifty-five Democrat votes in the Electoral College, gone.  Two Democrat senators and a raft of Democrat representatives, gone.  Wacko news stories coming out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and California colleges would trouble us less if it were a different country.  Hollywood, and all its knee-jerk, liberals would be in a different country.  They could rant and rave about California politics, but who would listen to their criticisms of American politics? Please, someone who knows how to do these things, start a Calkickout petition.  This would be a petition to our legislative, judicial, and executive branches not only to accede to California's desire to leave the union, but to actively encourage it and do...(Read Full Post)
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