Sally Yates, superstar

Don’t worry about Sally Yates missing her next paycheck after being fired as acting attorney general.  She is on her way to stardom in the Blue Bubble.

[It was a fully justified firing, and you can read elsewhere an excellent analysis on why, and the political lesson the Trump administration must learn.  My purpose here is to comment on the obvious show-biz nature of the incident.]

It is very clear to me that Ms. Yates knew she would be fired, so we have to consider her goals in provoking the only possible response to insubordination.  The charitable way to describe it is “taking a stand” against the evils of Trump.  The slightly demented way of charitably putting it is that she would be a “martyr” to the cause (the cause being stopping The Next Hitler in the fevered imaginations of progressives driven insane by their electoral repudiation of last November).

Either way, she becomes a hero of the left, and the recipient of a lucrative advance on a book.  She’ll work on the book during her lecture circuit travels.  She should be able to get at least ten grand per gig, maybe more, because her “bravery” can inspire leftists.  I don’t know her speaking style, so maybe she needs a little training.  Chuck Schumer knows a terrific drama coach.

[Update: Richard Baehr adds: She will be booked on every network’s Sunday news show and get a love-in with Rachel Maddow.  Chuck Schumer will call her the type of bipartisan Supreme Court pick he could endorse.]

Deep within the hearts of progressives of a certain age lies the memory of the Saturday Night Massacre, when Richard M. Nixon fired the independent counsel investigating him, Archibald Cox, and his attorney general and deputy A.G., Elliott Richardson and William Ruckelshaus, both resigned.  To the aging lefties, this was a moment of martyrdom (Cox) and heroism (Richardson and Ruckelshaus).  Even better, the martyr and heroes of the struggle were vindicated when Nixon resigned.  In their minds, it was supreme triumph of virtue.  Their virtue, too, because they cared.  

That’s their narrative, and they’re sticking to it. 

So Sally Yates is about to get love-bombed by the members of the Trump-hater cult.

It was a good career move.