Enrique pulls a Tip O'Neill

Once upon a time, the Democrats had a speaker of the House named Tip O'Neill.  We remember him for having a good relationship with President Reagan.  He also said that "all politics is local"! President Enrique [not Ernesto –ed.] Peña-Nieto of Mexico just cancelled his trip to Washington next week.  This is exhibit A of what Speaker O'Neill was talking about years ago. Down in Mexico, President Peña-Nieto is about as unpopular as any politician that I can remember.  In the past, Mexican presidents became unpopular after leaving office.  I frankly do not recall one this unpopular with two years to go (2012-18). To be fair, he is unpopular because he tried to reform some sacred cows, such as the PEMEX oil monopoly and the corrupt teachers union.  In other words, the left has been after President Peña-Nieto for a couple of years.    President Peña-Nieto is...(Read Full Post)