All those female celebrities are right to fear Trump

There is an unmentionable reason why celebrities like Madonna and Ashley Judd spewed anger in Washington, D.C. following the inauguration of President Trump.  There is something distinctly unsettling when people who trade in personal appeal, glamor, style, and other attributes of being a star instead offer their visages distorted with anger.

It has nothing to do with political positions, the president’s personal behavior, or any of the complaints they voiced.  That is just eyewash, an excuse covering up motives that have nothing to do with ideals.  The issue is much closer to home for them.

Their careers, and those of their friends, are mortally threatened by the glamor of the Trump family, in particular the Trump women, and more specifically, Ivanka.  They now have the most prominent and powerful platform in the world from which to shine as competition for those women who make their living as celebrities.  The style of glamor exuded by Ivanka and her stepmother Melania harkens back to an earlier era, one that lives on in the Miss Universe pageant, but which is not embraced by the angry feminists in Hollywood, New York, and other media capitals.  But glamor is only part of celebrityhood.  There is an endless demand from celebrity-worshipers for slices of life from their idols.  They want to feel part of their lives.

Yesterday, Ivanka released a killer video that is more compelling than anything Jerry Bruckheimer, Harvey Weinstein, or the editors of People Magazine up with:


Celebrities are a part of the fashion industry, and fashions must change.  Not only are the most outspoken female stars vilifying Trump aging and thus in danger already, they see the Miss Universe model of celebrity as repulsive in no small part because their own appeal is based on other grounds.

Meryl Streep and I are old enough to remember when Jackie Kennedy took the public imagination by storm and ended up changing the way fashionable American women dressed and became the embodiment of class and glamor.  Melania, with her foreign accent and birth and her multi-lingual capabilities, can tap into some of that stream, even though the MSM will never help spread, as it did for Jackie Kennedy, positive mentions.

But the sheer star power of Ivanka Trump blows away any other female celebrity vying for eyeballs and mindshare.  She is a mortal threat to their mindshare and they all grasp that intuitively if not intellectually.

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