President Trump’s pace of action has the MSM-left checkmated

Sean Hannity of Fox News aptly described President Trump’s first few days as a “shock and awe” experience for the left, a military tactic resulting in disorientation and a growing sense of helplessness.  The Hill calls it a “dizzying pace,” though it does not mention who is being made dizzy.  Richard Baehr is less circumspect:

The left is going to have nervous breakdown soon. The wall, cutoff of funds to sanctuary cities and the UN, the cutoff of Syrian refugees and temporary freeze for all refugees, the pipelines,a new court nominee next week and no doubt several more things today. He is flooding the zone.

He looks like a doer and true to his promises. In a dramatic rise, he now has 57 per cent approval on Rasmussen.

David Kahn, observing the pace of Trump’s actions, emails:

Leadership is in large part creating the perception of leading. Taking action certainly creates that impression. Trump is a showman by nature and a bit of a whirlwind and that is an attribute.

Bush and to some extent Obama, created the impression that they were policy arbiters. Trump creates the unqualified impression that policies start with him. And he is far more the proactive showman than either of them. This can help the economy by energizing our animal spirits. It can help foreign policy by creating the impression that he may take forceful action if negotiations fail, something Obama clearly failed to do.

By their own actions, the MSM-left have limited their ability to accomplish their goal of making Trump hated by the public as much as they hate him.  They have been consistently hysterical over Trump, calling him Hitler, a fascist, a hater, and a misogynist among many other insults, and criticizing everything he does in exaggerated terms. 

The pace of Trump’s actions, plus his diversionary moves (right now: illegal votes – bait that the media rushed to debunk and therefore placed in the public’s mind), mean that they are providing nothing but nonstop negativity about him.  Given the number of false issues (the MLK bust removal being the latest) they have publicized, they have little credibility beyond the third of the country that is leftist and hates Trump.  They are perceived as “dishonest” – a term Trump has consistently used against them.

The average Joe and Jane correctly perceive that nothing Trump does will please them, so their hysteria is discounted or, increasingly, ignored.

I know that in this day and age, the ancient radio and later TV show Amos ’n’ Andy is supposed to be relegated to the memory hole.  But a line used by the character George “Kingfish” Stevens, the wily trickster who always came up with schemes, comes to mind.

I’m the player, and you’re the playee.

Quite clearly, President Trump is the player, and the MSM-left, convinced of their own intellectual superiority, are the playees.

Update: John Podhoretz and Steven Hayward both see the same phenomenon.  Podhoretz writes at Commentary:

It cannot go on like this. It’s been five days since the inaugural and the adrenalized, hypercaffeinated, speed-freak affect of the entire chattering class is beginning to seem like we’re living through Bob Woodward’s classic depiction in his book Wired of John Belushi’s final overcharged sleepless days before dying from a cocaine speedball overdose in 1981.

If every word out of Donald Trump’s mouth is greeted with shrieks of horror and rage and anger and despair and hysteria by his opponents, they are going to find it impossible to serve as any kind of effective opposition to him.

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