Refuting government happy talk on Medicare fraud

Here's a radical idea.  When government departments and agencies issue press releases crowing about something they've done, put the accomplishment in context with the size of the problem. This came to mind as I was reading the October 3, 2016 Department of Justice press release on a $513-million health care fraud settlement with Tenet Healthcare Corp, an investor-owned hospital company. "This settlement reflects the department's lack of tolerance for these types of abusive arrangements."  "This settlement illustrates the government's emphasis on combatting health care fraud and marks another achievement for the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Team (HEAT)."  "This [is an] outstanding result on behalf of American taxpayers" (DOJ, 10/3/16). What the DOJ officials quoted above did not say is that this was the 14th settlement with the same hospital company over the last 22 years.  They had been...(Read Full Post)