Radical Islamic gay porn star spy caught in the act

Germany has arrested an Islamist spy who is also a homosexual Muslim porn star.

Two weeks ago, German intelligence agents noticed an unusual user in a chat room known as a digital hideout for Islamic militants. The man claimed to be one of them – and said he was a German spy. He was offering to help Islamists infiltrate his agency's defenses to stage a strike.

Agents lured him into a private chat, and he gave away so many details about the spy agency – and his own directives within it to thwart Islamists – that they quickly identified him, arresting the 51-year-old the next day

Officials ran a check on the online alias he assumed in radical chat rooms. The married father of four had used it before – as recently as 2011 – as his stage name for acting in gay pornographic films.

In custody, the man, officials say, admitted under interrogation that he was a secret convert to Islam and that he had the aim all along to infiltrate the domestic spy agency so he could warn "his religious brothers" about the agency's investigations.

Questions for discussion:

1) As many of you know, being homosexual is forbidden by sharia law.  Do you think the traitor justified his behavior by considering himself an "undercover" agent?

2) Could more radical Muslim terrorists be apprehended by looking for guys named Mohammed in gay chat rooms?

3) How do we meet the vital need to have more Islamists in our spy agencies without recruiting traitors?  Do you think recruits should have their photos compared to gay porn actors?

4) Should Muslim gay porn films be studied to see if they are secretly broadcasting messages to radical Islamists?

5) Do you think ILGBTQ activists ever get together to behead themselves?

6) Do gay, fundamentalist Islamists believe they are entitled to four husbands?

7) If this man wanted to attempt to marry another man and tried to get a cake celebrating the ceremony at a bakery in Mosul or Raqqah, what do you think would happen?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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