Israel: Obama orchestrated the UN resolution to condemn Israel

Israel has accused Obama of deliberately orchestrating the drafting and push for the U.N. resolution that condemned Israel for its settlement policy.  David Keyes, spokesman for Netanyahu, said Arab sources, among others, informed Israel of Obama's involvement in the resolution:  "We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place…" The effect of the resolution is to label the settlement area "occupied territory," which means that the U.N. agrees with the Palestinian position that Israel is illegally occupying land because that belongs to the Palestinians.  This puts Israel at a severe disadvantage in negotiating with the Palestinians; it implies that the U.N. effectively recognizes the borders that existed before the 1967 war.  The resolution can also subject...(Read Full Post)