Here is Obama's last-ditch lame-duck effort to grind down the State of Israel

President Obama's refusal to veto the U.N. Security Council's Resolution 2234, which delegitimizes the Jewish State of Israel's presence on its own land, should have come as no surprise.  His behavior since his first inauguration speech and more elaborately in his "new beginning" speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009 was a clear indication.

Pursuing his anti-colonial agenda, it is not surprising that Obama sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood, which was first established to fight colonialism.  For Obama, the Brothers' claim to desire an "Islamic democracy" (an oxymoron) is similar to that of the anti-colonialist liberation theology, which has moved from Latin America into the Vatican.

In the name of "tolerance," Obama regularly repeated Muslim Brotherhood disinformation, praising their "religion of peace" whenever he could.  And he put special effort in advancing the suppression of Western Judeo-Christian norms of behavior, and in particular, American values.  

Since he took office in January 2009, Obama's Middle East policies aimed to legitimize Iran, facilitating its nuclear ambitions and turning it into a dominant power in the Middle East.  He gifted the theocratic terrorist Republic of Iran more than $100 billion, plus a few billions of dollars of in laundered untraceable cash, to directly fund terrorism.  And there was more. 

The mullahs in Tehran have been probably delighted with Obama's deliberate blindness toward the growing involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)  in sectarian wars in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen and their assistance of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Could Obama be unaware of Iran's amplification of  its narco-terrorist activities in the Latin America?  And let's not forget Obama's groveling to Iran to return the U.S. drones they hacked over Afghanistan.  Iran responded with sending Obama a pink miniature toy model of a drone.

What was their reaction to this U.S. president, who has taken no action when the IRGC seized two U.S Navy boats in international waters, captured the crew of 10, mistreated them, and publicly humiliated them?  Obama not only accepted Iran's lies about the incident, but had his State Secretary, John Kerry, even apologizing to Tehran.  This is the same Kerry who made the rounds in European capitals, encouraging bankers to trade with Tehran despite U.S. sanctions and international anti-money laundering laws.

And not to be outdone, President-Elect Donald Trump's managed a successful negotiation with Boeing for a new Air Force One for less than the $4 billion, previously agreed by the Obama, it seems that the outgoing administration had something to do with Boeing's selling 80 commercial airliners to Iran for only $8 billion instead of $16 billion.  Now, that's a deal.

The Iranian regime has always supported Palestinian terrorism with funding, training, weapons and propaganda against the Jewish State of Israel.  In a meeting held in Tehran in support of the Palestinian struggle against Israel, on October 2015, Hamas's representative in Tehran, Khaled Qadoumi; PIJ representative in Tehran, Naser Abu-Sharim; and the secretary general of the "committee to Support Intifada and Jerusalem" and adviser to the Majlis (Iranian parliament) chairman in international affairs Hossein Sheikh ol-Islam, were  present.  The Iranian Sheikh ol-Islam declared that the "intifada" was a golden opportunity to restore the issue of Palestine to the top of the Muslim world's agenda.  He quoted Ayatollah Khomeini's declaration: "the fate of Islam will be decided in Palestine" (Fars News Agency, October 13, 2015).

Obama's sympathy with the Palestinians, who claim to be oppressed by Israeli occupation, is not surprising.  Obama conveniently ignores the fact that the U.N. and the Arab League joined to create the Palestinian refugees problem, sustaining it, its corruption, and terrorism with billions of dollars of American taxpayers money pouring into the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for the past 66 years, as well as by direct funding from USAID.  Obama, like previous U.S. presidents, especially Jimmy Carter, all but ignored the fact that Palestinian leaders have become enormously wealthy, as they keep the corruption going and their people oppressed.

The Palestinians have been kept in oppression as collateral to ensure the denial  of the historical ties and legal rights of the Jewish State of Israel and to terrorize it into submission.  For oppressed people are easily manipulated into becoming martyrs, for little financial rewards and fame in the streets of Ramallah or on social media.  Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) shows the rolling party FATAH's official website a "Thank You" note to the 14 members of the UNSC who voted for Resolution. The posting show a "map of "Palestine," (all of Israel) painted like the Palestinian flag, with a knife stabbing the word "settlement" in a pool of blood."  This abhorrent invitation to murder Israelis, as many similarly graphically instructive and inciting cartoons,  was not condemned by the Obama administration, nor by anyone else. 

While Obama's animosity toward Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu is no secret.  It is not the reason Obama withheld his veto, allowing the shameful resolution to pass.  Nor was it his undeniable support of the Palestinians.  It was apparently a remaining item on his "to-do list" in his dealings with Iran.  But he is not dome yet. Don't be surprised if days  before the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president, Obama flies to Tehran to declare there his recognition of an independent Palestinian State.  Such an exit would surly get this Nobel Laureate for war a special Oscar in Hollywood.

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