Is Yale on the verge of changing its name?

My alma mater, Yale University, embroiled in the latest P.C. controversy about the renaming of one of its dormitories, or residential colleges, named after John C. Calhoun, has announced a process under which students may petition to have the name of Calhoun College (or any other residential college) changed.  One wonders if this will be only the beginning, rather than the end, because Yale itself is also named for someone connected to the slave trade: Elihu Yale. This is hardly a new development, politically speaking, for Yale.  In my day, there were fliers in big 50-point font, screaming, "LESBIAN IS LUSCIOUS!" posted in Yale Station.  Morse College hosted a huge sculpture of a giant lipstick on a tank.  The statue of Nathan Hale was regularly defaced on the Old Campus.  An oval pool that dripped water seasonally called the "Women's Table" was put in front of Sterling Memorial Library.  And people wore pink triangle...(Read Full Post)