So many reasons to love the designation of Andrew Puzder as head of the Department of Labor

Liberal heads are exploding.  The forthcoming hearings are going to be perhaps the most entertaining of the entire Trump cabinet.  Donald Trump knows well how to goad his adversaries into overplaying their hands, and that is likely to be the way it will unfold for M. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants (full disclosure: I once owned and profited from their stock), the operator of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees chains.

That makes him the enemy, because all good liberals believe that fast food is evil.

Even worse, if that is possible, he has used sex appeal to sell burgers.  The Free Beacon has a great collection of ten TV commercials featuring scantily clad slender young women indecently enjoying the company’s products.  My favorite is below, chosen because of the hilarious irony of employing Padma Lakshmi, known for hosting the ultimate foodie show, Top Chef, and judging food produced by some of the finest chefs in the world.

Because it is true that in general the left “never forgets anything and never learns anything,” a nice touch is that Carl Karcher, the founder (CKE stands for Carl Karcher Enterprises) of the company, was a well known conservative and a major GOP donor, which has got to bother a lot of Dems.

But best of all, by confronting head-on the issue of the employment of illegal immigrants, Puzder offers the nation an experience-based way out of the intolerable situation we have now.  Lots of conservatives are worried that he wants to open the floodgates, but the estimable Sundance of Conservative Treehouse explains what is really going on.

 In order to tackle the U.S. Illegal Immigration issues, even broadly, a person must first change their paradigm and understand the root issue which creates the crisis. The problem was created by the UniParty, and the problem continues specifically because the UniParty desire it to continue.

Before you can reasonably present a solution to the illegal immigration problem, you must first understand the economic problem. Understanding how illegal aliens work in the U.S. is step one toward understanding what proposed solutions would/could work, and which are mere political talking points.

Sundance explains that the current Uniparty approach rests on the conflict between DHS regs, which require employers to check for social security numbers, indicating legal resident status, and DoJ “disparate impact” mandarins who stand ready to sue employers that actually carry out genuine checks.  Because if they do so, they will disproportionately exclude Hispanics.

The net result is that employers pretend to check; illegals pretend to have real documents, instead of stolen or forged ones; and we have millions of illegals employed.

Puzder, working with A.G. Jeff Sessions, will be just the person to dismantle this absurd system:

...when anyone says they have a solution to stop illegal alien employment they must first accept that DHS (INS), Dept. of Labor, and the EEOC all must come into alignment.

It does not take laws to accomplish this, the laws are already on the books, it simply takes a president who clarifies the rules to their cabinet members (Labor and DOJ).  For Donald Trump that would be Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, and Labor Department nominee Andrew Puzder.  (snip)

...a corporate CEO who has specific knowledge of these issues within a business that is directly impacted by the formerly allowed (willfully blind) bureaucratic legal gobbledy-gook known as “disparate impact”, is a key attribute to dealing with it.

Let the hearings begin!  I look forward to Mr. Puzder explaining all of this to the senators, and to seeing those commercials on C-SPAN as outraged female Dems play them to fulminate about sexism, and the male Democrat senators try to avert their eyes.