Glenn Beck heading to the left?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real phenomenon, and while the American left is unmasking itself as hateful and even bloodthirsty, the NeverTrump faction of the right is driving away its historical constituency.  The big difference is that there is a large market for Trump hatred on the left, but the conservative base is rejecting NeverTrumps.

So opportunity beckons those Trump haters who put their personal situation ahead of ideological consistency.  There is a market for Trump hatred on the left, but not the right.  That is at least one plausible explanation for what is going on inside Glenn Beck’s head.

David Krayden offers a speculative essay in the Daily Caller to explain Beck’s appearance on a left-wing comedian’s show:

Passing without much political comment last week was a bizarre performance by faded conservative figure (I cannot write icon) Glenn Beck.  Beck was a guest on the extremely overrated “Full Frontal,” fronted by the tediously left-wing “comedian” Samantha Bee – who, I am, distressed to admit, was also born in Canada.  Looking like a celebrity fresh out of rehab, anxious to share his addiction horrors and earn the acceptance of a forgiving audience, Beck confessed that he had “divided” people in the past as a conservative commentator.

His earnest repentance was apparently a matter of little consequence to his dismissive host who considered Beck irredeemable:  “My audience wants to kill me for normalizing a lunatic like yourself,” said the irascible Bee, who as far as non-liberals are concerned, might attempt to resemble bonafide comedian Don Rickles but lacks the comic timing to make the insults work.

Nonplussed, Beck proceeded to do his level best to ingratiate himself with his lefty viewers – both in-studio, and apparently, those overwhelmingly bored enough at home to tune in as well.

Will Glenn Beck follow in the footsteps of David Brock and end up a far left partisan?   I suspect that it will be difficult unless George Soros and his friends open up their checkbooks.  I am no expert, but my understanding is that Beck’s empire now depends on subscription revenue for its Blaze TV outlet.  I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of subscribers are not following Beck leftward.

And what of the lesser lights Beck attracted to Dallas to join his organization?  Will Dana Loesch stick to peddling miracle beet cures on late-night TV?

Beck has a history of erratic behavior, so hitching one’s star to him poses risks.  Here is his interview with Bee.

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