Twilight of the pop culture gods

Trump Derangement Syndrome is set to afflict a range of pop culture careers with decline into niche status. There are no bounds to the hubris of those who have controlled the networks, studios, and publications, and made them instruments of a Gramsci revolution. Writing in the New York Post, Karol Marcowicz offers a sophisticated analysis of what may turn out to be a signal moment in the Great Trumpetarian Cultural Revolution that I hope lies ahead.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s labor secretary who has transformed himself into the Michael Moore of Facebook, is promoting something called the Freedom United Concert to air at the same time as the inauguration. The concert would benefit all the usual liberal charities and Reich hopes to get big names like Jay-Z and Madonna to perform. “Presto,” he writes. “The Trump inauguration loses all the TV ratings. Basically, no one watches it.”

That’ll show him.

Jay-Z and Madonna both already performed during the election to gin up support for Hillary Clinton — and clearly failed. But sure, one more concert should swing the country to Reich’s side.

The real issue is the bubble created by the left’s Stalinized airbrushing of non-liberals out of American popular culture.

There is a vast unmet demand for popular culture that speaks to the values of the majority of Americans. The atheist America-hating culture that dominates the popular culture industry still pushes unpalatable propaganda, such as the heavily-promoted anti-NRA movie Miss Sloane -- only to lose its shirt at the box office.  Meanwhile, nobody in Hollywood has the inclination to try out a story about a beleagured inner city family that arms and defends itself.  That is what Marcowicz means by “Stalinized airbrushing.” Even a huge star like Mel Gibson had trouble obtaining distribution for his predictably mega-hit The Passion of the Christ.

The majesty of the Office of President of the United States is such that a President-elect can make things very popular. I was a teenager when President Kennedy turned a run-of-the-mill author named Ian Fleming into a global force whose creation, James Bond, remains potent. Simply by letting it be known that he relaxed by reading James Bond books. I was among the millions who went out and bought them in paperback.

Here is what has got the leftist culture commissars worried.  The Trump family exudes beauty and glamour. Melania is better looking, better educated, and speaks more languages than Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. And Ivanka is even more threatening, an American Princess Di. Smart, rich on her own, gorgeous, and keeping a Kosher household (meaning adherence to traditional religion – and to the religion that troubles the antisemitic left the most, not to mention shaming all those secular Jews on the left). No wonder they are alienating ordinary Americans by harrassing her in public for flying coach. I could not orchestrate a more effective means of generating sympathy and admiration for her.

It is already working. From the NY Daily News via MSN:

Jackie Evanch-who?

Jackie Evancho — the virtually unknown 16-year-old singer slated to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20 — is laughing all the way to the bank as her recent album sales have skyrocketed since her performance was announced.

Trump detractors attacked the teenage classical singer earlier this month for agreeing to perform at the event, noting that it would ruin her career.

However, it has done quite the opposite.

Evancho's weekly album sales have quadrupled for both digital downloads and with retailers, according to TMZ.

And her album "Someday at Christmas" reportedly had to be restocked twice in local stores, TMZ reported.

Even the soprano's Billboard spot has jumped significantly.

Evancho's "Dream With Me" album and her "O Holy Night" EP are both at No. 2 on the Billboard charts — which is the highest spot they've ever held.

Like the Trump women, she is gorgeous and wholesome and sexy all at the same time. As female Hollywood mega-stars from Mary Pickford to the present day have embodied.

The news is out to young and talented performers. The stairway to stardom can be found on the right, for the first time in decades.

So let Katy Perry restrict her audience to the left. The domiannt wave of popular culture can be reduced to a bunch of niche acts if the Trump presidency plays its cards right. And as I have written repeatedly, Trump is a master showman. There has never been a president who understands media the way he does.

There will be ampple opportunity for President and Mrs. Trump to host White House events that can spotlight worthy performers whose appeal is the equal or better of the reigning stars of the progs.

Keep an eye on the career of Ms. Evancho. And remember that far left NBC was more than happy to accommodate Donald Trump because his shows brought in the ratings.