Did a Red Bear just poop in the Oval Office?

When someone asks a question for which the answer is glaringly obvious, there's a traditional sarcastic response: does a wild bear s--- in the woods?  My every consideration of the recent dealings between our inept president and the president of the Russian Federation leaves me with a mental image of a steaming heap of Russian "contempt" piled right in the center of that desk Barack Obama is so fond of using as a foot rest. Let's not go into all the lead-ups to the most recent events that have shown the world quite obviously what happens when you match up a community organizer against a KGB colonel.  It is no match, as the world has long suspected and now knows without question: that Democrat jackass in our White House has just had his haunches chewed to a pinkish political pulp by a nimble Russian Bear.  Despots the world over are chuckling into their sleeves that this arrogant product of political correctness and its ugly stepchild, affirmative...(Read Full Post)