Lessons in civility from RFK, Jr.

Is there a more repulsive example of progressive arrogance and privilege than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?  He flies around in private jets and lectures the rest of us to shiver in the dark (OK, I paraphrase) in order to prevent the planet from Thermageddon.  He so damaged his first wife that she hanged herself (like father, like son?).  He’s all for bird-killing windmills except when they impinge on the views from his family’s properties.  

Now, this gravel-voiced hypocrite has come out endorsing physical violence against people who say things he doesn’t like.  The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he is 'happy' his oldest son was arrested after getting into a fight outside a nightclub and tussling with a police officer, because he was taking a stand against bullying.

John Conor Kennedy was booked by police in the early morning hours of Thursday on a charge of disorderly conduct after brawling with a man outside an exclusive club in the tony resort town of Aspen, Colorado.

The incident started around 1.40am when authorities were called to Bootsy Bellows to escort people out of the venue following last call, and Officer Andy Atkinson witnessed Conor grab another man and 'hit him four or five times in the back of the head with his fists' outside the club.

Conor then tried to break free when Atkinson attempted to restrain him, and another individual had to aid the officer as he pinned down the 22-year-old so he could be put in handcuffs.

Police on the scene later listened as Conor explained that he was attacking the other man because he called his friend a homophobic slur, an explanation that drew praise from his father.

Political thuggery now carries the Kennedy family stamp of approval unless he is loudly rebuked.

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