1,030 reasons why President Obama failed his party

Over the holidays, I saw one of the many reviews out there about the Obama years, this one from Lisa Lerer of AP: In boasting about his tenure in the White House, President Barack Obama often cites numbers like these: 15 million new jobs, a 4.9 percent unemployment rate and 74 months of consecutive job growth. There's one number you will almost never hear: More than 1,030 seats. That's the number of spots in state legislatures, governor's mansions and Congress lost by Democrats during Obama's presidency. It's a statistic that reveals an unexpected twist of the Obama years: The leadership of the one-time community organizer and champion of ground-up politics was rough on the grassroots of his own party. When Obama exits the White House, he'll leave behind a Democratic Party that languished in his shadow for years and is searching for itself... When Obama won the presidency, his election was heralded as a moment of Democratic dominance —...(Read Full Post)