Pulling back from the brink

To get a sense of what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of Donald Trump, here are twenty-three calamities that would have befallen us.  American Thinker readers should feel free to add to the list. 1. A Supreme Court packed with liberals and a domino effect on the federal bench, further limiting our constitutional rights especially Second Amendment rights. 2. A significant expansion of federal spending resulting in a massive increase in our already bloated national debt. 3. New regulations designed to hamstring if not outright eliminate industries liberals consider "environmental evils" such as coal, oil exploration, and fracking. 4. Weakening our military readiness even further by cutting defense spending to pay for "entitlement" programs, which are effectively vote-buying schemes. 5. Increased Russian influence in Europe and Chinese influence in Asia. 6. Government subsidies introduced to bail out health...(Read Full Post)