Pulling back from the brink

To get a sense of what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of Donald Trump, here are twenty-three calamities that would have befallen us.  American Thinker readers should feel free to add to the list.

1. A Supreme Court packed with liberals and a domino effect on the federal bench, further limiting our constitutional rights especially Second Amendment rights.

2. A significant expansion of federal spending resulting in a massive increase in our already bloated national debt.

3. New regulations designed to hamstring if not outright eliminate industries liberals consider "environmental evils" such as coal, oil exploration, and fracking.

4. Weakening our military readiness even further by cutting defense spending to pay for "entitlement" programs, which are effectively vote-buying schemes.

5. Increased Russian influence in Europe and Chinese influence in Asia.

6. Government subsidies introduced to bail out health insurance companies hurt by the collapse of Obamacare, forcing a single-payer system.

7. The media becoming an overt vehicle of government propaganda to exercise strict control over public discourse, following Nazi and Soviet models.

8. Accelerating the process of secularizing America by encouraging the application of a religious litmus test in government and academic hiring.

9. Expanding the use of IRS and Department of Justice resources to crush dissent and punish conservative organizations.

10. Pressuring Israel into accepting a Palestinian state and introducing economic sanctions coupled with decreased foreign aid if Israel refuses.

11. Continuing to support United Nations programs and initiatives that frustrate our foreign policy and punish Israel.

12. A judiciary directed to eliminate voter ID laws and other measures states currently use to protect the integrity of elections.

13. An open borders approach to immigration adopted to ensure a steady stream of Democrat voters for decades to come.

14. Expanding the number of sanctuary cities nationwide and creating clandestine funding mechanisms to pay for them.

15. Crony capitalism measures to promote kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation and its "initiatives."

16. Even greater use of Obama-style "pen and phone" executive orders to circumvent Republican opposition in Congress.

17. Undermining the State Department's Foreign Service by nominating ambassadors strictly on the basis of loyalty to the Clintons and their allies.

18. Similarly, appointing heads and senior managers of federal agencies strictly on the basis of loyalty to the Clintons and their allies.

19. Affirmative action programs that blatantly discriminate against white males without fear of being overturned by a liberal-left Supreme Court.

20. Ensuring that abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood continue to receive government funding and not enforcing laws designed to control gruesome PP practices.

21. Giving federal agencies even greater power to control private-sector initiatives and coercing compliance with liberal policies, practices, and mindsets as necessary.

22. Turning the White House into a Versailles-style court ruled by Queen Hillary, her elderly roué consort Prince Bubba, and a coterie of corrupt gatekeepers.

23. Finally, an America that is even more of a laughing stock around the world for having elected someone who belongs in jail or in a banana republic.