Feminists vent Trump anger on husbands, boyfriends, male coworkers

If you're a feminist upset with the election of Donald Trump as president, what can you do about it?  You can't take it out on him, so chances are, you do the next best thing and be offensive to the men around you. The Times had an article about this, presenting this behavior as virtuous political protest: This year, Svea Vikander has decided that she and Evla, her 3-year-old daughter will be the focal point of her family's holiday card. She decided to relegate her husband and son to a smaller picture below. Ms. Vikander said the card, illustrating her hope for the future, was one small thing she could do to reaffirm her place in the world, on behalf of herself and her daughter. What kind of man puts up with that? One woman said she'll try something small: She will return mail that is addressed to her husband but doesn't mention her, too. This is mental illness. Another woman broke things off with her boyfriend after he said he...(Read Full Post)