More useless advice from Obama to Trump

On Thursday, Obama at a press conference in Germany with German chancellor Angela Merkel again offered useless unsolicited advice to Trump.

Obama spent the last few months ignoring his job as president while campaigning every day for Hillary to win his third term.  Now that the voters elected Trump and rejected him, Obama is touring Greece, Germany, Italy, and Peru.  While in Greece, he attacked Americans who voted for Trump by labeling them as voting for the "dark side" of populism.

Thursday, Obama said:

He ran an extraordinarily unconventional campaign and it resulted in the biggest political upset in perhaps modern political history[.] ... What I said to him was that what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion during elections may be different than what will work in terms of unifying the country and gaining the trust even of those who didn't support him.

Obama, with his outsized ego, is lecturing Trump on how to act as president.  He is lecturing that Trump must unify the country and gain the trust of those who did not support Trump.  Obama ignored the separation of powers to bypass Congress by issuing executive orders and agency regulations.  He bragged that he had a pen and a phone to issue executive orders.  Think of the DREAM Act to defer deportation of illegal aliens brought here as children, passing Obamacare with only Democratic votes on a parliamentary trick by Harry Reid to avoid the filibuster, calling the Iran deal an agreement instead of a treaty to avoid the two-thirds vote in the Senate, and amending Obamacare with waivers and executive orders and agency regulations.

Obama did his best to divide Americans by race and income.  He did not attempt to gain the trust of Republicans; he attacked, mocked and ignored them.

He told Republicans that he won, so Republicans need to get in the back of the bus.

He told Senator McCain during the Obamacare debate that he won, the election was over, and that was that.

Obama attacked Trump as a racist endorsed by the KKK and unfit for the presidency.  Now Obama is desperate to salvage his legacy, so he attempts to act as a wise and experienced statesman.

Trump is showing class by ignoring Obama.  Let him talk – nobody now cares what he says.

Trump ran an "unconventional" campaign because he fought back against the lies of the Hillary campaign and its cheerleaders in the MSM and challenged the debate moderators.  He worked much harder than Hillary in the battleground states by making more appearances and rallies than Hillary.  He took his message directly to the voters with "yuuuge" rallies and social media.

Trump is in New York at Trump Tower, taking calls from Putin and Netanyahu and meeting with the Japanese prime minister.  Trump is meeting with his rivals, such as Cruz and Romney, acting presidential.  Meanwhile, Obama is doing a useless overseas trip, craving attention to remain relevant, and alternating between criticizing Trump voters and offering advice to Trump.

Instead of lecturing Trump, Obama should lecture the anti-Trump rioters to obey the law and knock off the rioting.  Then he should tell the snowflakes and delicate flowers who are seeking therapy, missing school, and crying because Trump won to grow up and support Trump to unify our country.

Obama is irrelevant.  Trump is president.  Putin and Bibi know it.

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