Why Hillary's sickness matters

There's a Democrat meme that says, "So what if Hillary Clinton is sick? So were JFK, FDR, and a few other presidents." Left at face value, it seems to brush away all of Hillary's neurological signs. But there is a lot more to the story. John F. Kennedy had Addison's Disease. This is a serious disease that does not affect your ability to think. It primarily affects your body's ability to manage salt and water. Franklin Roosevelt was paralyzed, probably from polio. Once again, that does not affect your ability to think. But what about Hillary Clinton? Hillary has displayed a number of neurological signs. (Signs are what you and I see, not what she feels.) At the Democratic National Convention, she had an oculogyric crisis. At her Las Vegas rally, she had a "freeze." On numerous occasions her eyes have crossed involuntarily. And at the first presidential debate, she displayed a "pill-rolling" tremor. All of these lead to the strong...(Read Full Post)