Trump Big Winner Over Three Opponents

Trump was smart to trust his instinct to fight and not follow the advice of all the pundits who said he had to grovel and not bring up the Bubba card. Trump brought four of Bill’s victims who were attacked and smeared by Hillary as part of the cover-up of “bimbo eruptions”. Trump also brought the woman who was the 12-year-old rape victim of a 41-year-old man represented by Hillary, who laughed about how she got the rape charge reduced.

The presence of the women victims forced Hillary’s cheerleaders, the MSM, to acknowledge that these were victims of rape and sexual harassment, not “infidelities”, and that these were real people, not abstractions.

It also forced Hillary to hesitate and act defensively. Bill did not look too well. The MSM wanted to talk about the Billy Bush (cousin of Jeb and GWB) tape but Trump took control by bringing Clinton’s victims to the debate, and by going on the attack about Hillary’s record. It was clear that Hillary is not used to being challenged vigorously.

Trump apologized, but then went on the attack about Bill abusing women and Hillary abusing the women victims. This shook Hillary. She turned defensive and repeated her canned lines. Trump got to her when he said he would appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate her emails scandal, and that she would be in jail if he was in charge.

Finally, we saw a Republican nominee who fights to win, and trusted his instincts instead of the advice of those who were never in the ring. We had Romney, who refused to challenge Candy Crowley when she stepped in to help Obama on Benghazi. We had McCain, who refused to use the Reverend Wright issue and even attacked his own supporters for using the name Barack Hussein Obama.

The moderators were the usual MSM types that interrupted and argued with Trump. Trump did not back off, challenging both Raddatz and Cooper about why they interrupted him but not Hillary, and asking them why they did not ask Hillary about the emails.

The bottom line is that Trump took control by bringing Clinton’s victims to the debate so that everyone could see that there are actual victims of Bill and Hillary.

Trump apologized for his crude language, but did not grovel.  He set the tone and tempo, and clearly won against his three opponents.

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