Why Hillary's sickness matters

There's a Democrat meme that says, "So what if Hillary Clinton is sick? So were JFK, FDR, and a few other presidents." Left at face value, it seems to brush away all of Hillary's neurological signs. But there is a lot more to the story.

John F. Kennedy had Addison's Disease. This is a serious disease that does not affect your ability to think. It primarily affects your body's ability to manage salt and water. Franklin Roosevelt was paralyzed, probably from polio. Once again, that does not affect your ability to think. But what about Hillary Clinton?

Hillary has displayed a number of neurological signs. (Signs are what you and I see, not what she feels.) At the Democratic National Convention, she had an oculogyric crisis. At her Las Vegas rally, she had a "freeze." On numerous occasions her eyes have crossed involuntarily. And at the first presidential debate, she displayed a "pill-rolling" tremor. All of these lead to the strong suspicion that she has Parkinson's Disease. Dr. Lisa Bardack's letters and notes have added to this suspicion by being completely silent on neurological issues.

Unlike polio and Addison's Disease, Parkinson's Disease (PD) has drastic effects on the ability to think. A good friend with PD had to sell multiple successful businesses because his PD took away his ability to manage them. This comes from the fact that PD sufferers all get "off" states.

Off states come when the level of levodopa, the main drug used to treat PD, falls low. In an off state, the PD sufferers are unable to manage any sort of high-level responsibility. They have to wait for the off state to end. When they return to the on state, they can look and act normally. But shortly they will hit another off state. And in the off state, the "3:00 AM phone call" will go to voicemail.

And that's the good news. A large number of PD sufferers will develop hallucinations, and the majority will develop dementia. Just imagine what a truly demented president might do, especially before the dementia became fully public.

There is no treatment for PD. Medication only manages the pathological movements. It has no effect on the progress of the disease. Thus, there is no way to identify when a president with PD became mentally incompetent, and no way to prevent that mental failure. America can handle a president with an illness. But America cannot handle a president with this illness.