Will America Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Trump’s Blunt Truths?

I have to admit.  Hillary was good last night.  She was oily.  Very slick.  A prototypical politician.  In fact, just like her husband, whose nickname was also Slick.

Slick Willy could pretend cry at the drop of a hat.  He had a gift apparently where he could empathetically “feel your pain.”  Very moving fella.

And she was throwing down soliloquies last night with so much grease on them you could almost smell her salami breath if you were watching at home.  Smooth.  Like an oiled, even-toed ungulate, let loose at a county fair, squealing between the legs of boys, she secreted herself into false arguments with ease.  She lubricated the entire stage, moving underneath the legs of one Strawman and past another non sequitur like Penzoil between pistons.  A real politician.

Politicians help Americans lie to themselves as agents of the false pretext, their professional use of pretense and Hallmark presentations like after school specials or the last two tearful minutes of a Lifetime Network movie.

Quite a production last night.

Meanwhile, the anti-politician, the outsider stood adjacent, a Frankenstein cast out of the Washington castle looking in from outside.  The non-liar, the crude one, the man who speaks what he feels without any separating coffee filter so that his mouth is full of bitter, sometimes foul tasting grains in them.

America doesn't do bitter truths.  America has changed.  We don't like our truths spoken to us plainly.  We don't want the sobriety of an unadorned simple cup of joe for fifty cents.  Instead, we prefer giant sugary milkshakes we call 'coffee' that cost $6.00 and are covered in towers of whipped cream that put our families in debt and our bloodstream in a coma.

The problem in America today is not our politicians as much as we say it is.  We like to blame them all the time, but it is we who lack the discipline to ascertain basic truths about history, both uniquely ours as well as world history, and the economy.  Only the brute last night, the ugly ogre, mentioned the debt.  We heard the person the DNC media turned into a pariah only 48 hours before, only him, talk about the criminality of our debt and how it relates to foreign policy.

But, it was fun watching, especially when, after Trump brought up her abusive husband as well as her own role in that abuse, she had the audacity to say that we should be talking about foreign policy when it was her apparatchiks and media acolytes who purposely data dumped a private conversation just before this second debate.   So which is it?  You bring up the 11 year old diversion of a private conversation that is creepy enough from a legal perspective then use it for the first 15 minutes of the debate and suddenly want to discuss foreign policy?  The hypocritical duplicity was identical to the way her own husband used to pivot and lie out of conversations all the time.  It is like watching circus contortionists separate their humeral heads to wrap their arms behind their body and give themselves a reverse hug.

Trump was right about foreign policy, about her firm support of the Iraq war, voting with conviction in favor of the authorization for the use of force in 2002 to invade a foreign country and all its unpleasant side effects.  He was right about the fiasco of Libya, the tragic yet almost slapstick ridiculousness in Syria that created so much human tragedy, how we funded ISIS to essentially become terrorists ourselves to the point where Putin almost looks like the rational one trying to restore order.  Meanwhile Putin's moving nuclear warheads like a master chess player for the first time since the Cold War.

Frankenstein's uncouth monster like prophets of old, castigated by their tribes as outcasts for speaking obvious and clear truths, we the voters, have chosen to not drink our coffees plain.  We do not fancy ourselves that way.  We don't do plain.  Plain truths are simple and we are not simpletons.  Trump is a simpleton.  Instead we prefer the authentic fake stuff; giant caffeine milkshakes riddled with syrup, piled with stacks of whipped cream falling off the sides and coating our mouths.  Americans are the smartest idiots in the room, once again proving our enemies right.

All that was required after the disaster (others say miscalculation) of Iraq, was a simple continued Status Of Forces Agreement that was already in place at the time, a resolution was not even necessary.  It was already there.  And there would have been no regional cave in and neither any other falling dominoes, even what's happening in Europe.  But no, it was early withdrawal, just like in Viet Nam where there were consequently millions of casualties there as well, due to the same populism then as now. 

We drink our milkshakes here at home, and millions are slaughtered overseas.  Then we lie to ourselves about it making dumb movies that are also lies about it and hire politicians that lie to us about it also. 

Here's a mirror, America!  If you don't like what you see in it, then change the way you think.  Politicians are not the problem.  Hillary was great last night.  A great performance with B - stagecraft.  Trump was the anti-politician.  Blunt, repetitive, but mostly correct in assessing problems and prescriptions.  Yes, Obamacare was and is a disaster.  Yes we were lied to about it.  Yes, it was pretext used to later ram down Single Payer.  Yes, it was undemocratic coercion.  Simple truths.  Simple answers.  All simply true.  A simple cup of sobering coffee for America, the drunk.