Trump should not withdraw

Donald Trump should not withdraw from the race because that will ensure a victory for Hillary and the destruction of the national Republican Party.  If Trump is forced out by the MSM and the Republicans, such as McCain, Bush, Romney, Kasich, Fiorina, and others who have either called for his withdrawal or said they will not vote for Trump, the Republican Party will be badly divided.  This will help the Democrats for years.  Trump ran as outsider against the establishment.  If he is forced out, it will be seen by many of his supporters as a coup by the MSM aided by the party establishment. If these Republicans do not want to vote for Trump, then don't vote for Trump, but stop the attacks on Trump because they only help Hillary win.  This is reminiscent of 1964, when Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, William Scranton, and other moderate to liberal Republican refused to support Goldwater.  This contributed to the LBJ landslide. Donald Trump told...(Read Full Post)