What should our response be to the Trump tape?

We have the state of North Carolina being excommunicated by bien pensant entertainers like rock musicians and sports teams because the legislature does not think it is good for men dressed as women to use the same bathrooms as girls.  And in the process of discussing that, all the details of that process of cross-dressing, now transgenderism, are routinely discussed on the front pages.

Then we have Donald Trump having a boastful discussion in Hollywood, the home of self-promotion, which was meant to be private and was betrayed to the public by a faithless companion.  (The reputation of the Bushes for high probity is getting a bit shopworn.)  Sex is and always has been a peculiar subject.  Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it in polite company.  The taboo nature of talking about sex is what gives the thrill of talking about it in im-polite company – whether it is "the girls" or "the boys" doing it.

Trump was expressing a strong attraction to women, something he has exhibited all his life.  This is not considered, or was not considered until recently, a shortcoming in a man.  He expressed himself crudely, as is not uncommon in a "guy situation," but note that in his story, he backed off when the woman said "no."

This was a conversation meant to be private.  The person disgraced by this conversation isn't Trump; it is Bush.  First recording and then publishing this conversation are the actions of a person with low or no character, a bottom-feeder never to be trusted with anything.

For the American public, let's keep our eye on the ball.  We aren't Victorian virgins.  The money-changers don't want to be kicked out of the temple, and they know exactly who threatens to do the kicking.  The fact that a lot of lily-livered Republican candidates are backing away from Trump just shows us the rot in the party that we have come to realize now that we actually have a strong candidate leading us deplorables.

What is our reaction to the Trump tape?  Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  

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