Trump should not withdraw

Donald Trump should not withdraw from the race because that will ensure a victory for Hillary and the destruction of the national Republican Party.  If Trump is forced out by the MSM and the Republicans, such as McCain, Bush, Romney, Kasich, Fiorina, and others who have either called for his withdrawal or said they will not vote for Trump, the Republican Party will be badly divided.  This will help the Democrats for years.  Trump ran as outsider against the establishment.  If he is forced out, it will be seen by many of his supporters as a coup by the MSM aided by the party establishment.

If these Republicans do not want to vote for Trump, then don't vote for Trump, but stop the attacks on Trump because they only help Hillary win.  This is reminiscent of 1964, when Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, William Scranton, and other moderate to liberal Republican refused to support Goldwater.  This contributed to the LBJ landslide.

Donald Trump told the Washington Post that he will not withdraw from the race.

The MSM is having a field day attacking Trump over his crude remarks for which he has apologized.  The MSM believe that they can drive Trump out of the race, just as they drove Nixon to resign.  With Nixon, the so-called smoking gun was that Nixon was on tape suggesting that the CIA tell the FBI to back off its investigation for security reasons, even though the CIA was never instructed to tell the FBI to back off.  Too bad Nixon did not have a Comey running the FBI.  Now, with Trump, the MSM, aided by the Democrats and the usual suspect Republicans, want Trump to withdraw for crude locker room talk. 

The MSM have ignored the Wikileaks emails where Hillary advocates for open borders and open trade in the Western Hemisphere, which should be the issue discussed.  Open borders will the end of the USA.  Anyone could enter our country, resulting in terrorists entering, and the mass immigration will bankrupt the public school system, the welfare system, and our health care system.  But instead of discussing this radical concept, the MSM had dredged Mitt Romney, Mark Kirk, Jeff Flake, and others who never supported Trump who call for Trump to withdraw.  McCain, Fiorina, Kasich, Bush, and others who had their battles with Trump have jumped in.  McCain had "conditionally" endorsed Trump, but the others had not.

The MSM have declared a national emergency because of Trump's remarks.  They ignore the conduct of Hillary and Bill to focus on the words of Trump.  Yet if we are to judge one by words, where was the national outcry when John Kerry attacked and falsely accused the American military for acting like terrorists in Iraq, and like Genghis Khan in Vietnam? 

When Bill Clinton faced impeachment for lying and obstruction of justice amid the overwhelming evidence of sexual harassment of Paula Jones, where he exposed himself and paid $900,000 for it; the sexual assault on Kathleen Willey; the abuse with a cigar of a young intern, Monica Lewinsky; and the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, all the Democrats circled the wagon to defend Bill.  Hillary hired investigators to dig up dirt to smear the female victims.  And Arlen Specter discovered Scottish law.

The Washington Post releases an 11-year-old conversation between Trump and Billy Bush on the day that Wikileaks releases Hillary's damaging speeches and emails.  The Post then leads with stories for Trump to withdraw from the race.  This is the MSM helping Hillary to deflect from Hillary's speeches and emails.

The Post must be thinking of Watergate when it led the charge to force Nixon to resign.  Trump should not and will not withdraw, he will fight to win. Why hand the election to Hillary?

The bottom line is that Trump made crude and offensive remarks.  But the choice remains Trump or Hillary.  None of the Republicans attacking Trump say that Hillary would be a better president for our country.  Our country cannot afford Hillary, with her open borders, open trade, higher tax rates, continuation of Obamacare, and four more Kagans on the Supreme Court.

What is more important in the long run: that we feel better about ourselves to punish Trump for his remarks and thereby elect Hillary or that we elect Trump because he is right on the issues and Hillary will be a disaster for our country?