Another egregious example of liberal press bias

The motto of the liberal press isn’t the much ballyhooed... All the news that’s fit to print ...but rather... All the news we think is fit to print ...which in practical terms means... If we don’t report it, it didn’t happen. Examples can easily be cited of “inconvenient truths” about Hillary Clinton that the liberal press has been more than eager to bury.  On the other hand, the MSM will jump at any opportunity to damage the candidacy of Donald Trump. To illustrate, let’s compare the amount of liberal press coverage of two stories, one negative and the other positive toward Trump. Trump-Negative Story Last August, a group of 50 former national security officials who served Republican presidents from Richard M. Nixon to George W. Bush published an open letter claiming that Donald Trump “would be the most reckless President in American history.” The list included Michael Chertoff, former...(Read Full Post)
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