WSJ: Entire $1.7-billion ransom paid to Iran in cash

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that members of Congress were briefed by the Obama administration on how the rest of the $1.7-billion ransom payment to Iran was accomplished.  The transfer took place in late January, with $400 million in cash being flown from Geneva to Tehran, after which several Americans held in Iranian prisons were released.  Yesterday, after months of demands from Congress for information on how the remaining $1.3 billion was transferred to Iran, the administration came clean and admitted that the entire amount was paid in cash. The Obama administration previously had refused to disclose the mechanics of the $1.7 billion settlement, despite repeated calls from U.S. lawmakers. The State Department announced the settlement on Jan. 17 but didn’t brief Congress that the entire amount had been paid in cash. U.S. lawmakers have voiced concern that Iran’s military units, particularly the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,...(Read Full Post)