Hillary’s mysterious handler ‘badge man’ pops up on campaign plane after coughing fit

Who is the well-dressed man who accompanies Hillary and rushes to her aid when she experiences anything resembling a health issue?  He’s back, and just spotted rushing to her aid in the campaign plane when she dissolved into a coughing fit while speaking to reporters.  Eagle-eyed Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit spotted him:

There is nothing quite so intriguing as a man of mystery, but so far the media has chosen to ignore what AT readers learned about a month ago:

 A stunning charge is being leveled that Hillary Clinton’s health is so endangered that she is accompanied by a medic carrying an injection pen with an anti-seizure drug at the ready.  And photographs are being presented as evidence of the practice.

This guy on the right. Check out his left hand:

One guess is that he is carrying a diazepam pen:

And here is a tweet from ABC News last month that shows him rushing to her aid.

I call him “badge man” because of the odd badge he seems to wear:

Badge Man’s portfolio is not limited to rushing to inject her when she has a crisis. He’s also available to help her negotiate the challenges of climbing stairs.

So who is our man of mystery, and what is he doing rushing to her aid when she coughs?  That would be a nice question for one of the airborne press corps cherry-picked to ride on Hillary’s campaign plane to ask.  Of course, that might be the last campaign plane ride the reporter ever gets from Hillary.  Which is one of the points of doing her so-called press conferences on the plane.

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