Trump child care proposal: A yuge winner

Donald Trump has proposed an expansion of the child care credit, with paid maternity leave and care for the elderly.  This has the "pure conservatives" upset because it is an expansion of the federal government's power in our lives, and more spending.  They also say the Constitution does not authorize the federal government paying for health care.   It has also upset the Democrats because they know it is a winner with the voters, and Hillary was too slow, mentally and physically, to propose it. In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed a tax bill that indexed to inflation the deduction for exemptions for your dependents.  Trump is merely following the lead of Reagan to help Americans who work. The argument that it increases federal power makes sense in theory, but in practice in 2016 USA, it is a meaningless, irrelevant argument.  We have a tax system that taxes income and allows deductions for work-related expenses and for whatever else Congress...(Read Full Post)