One Colin and now another Colin in the news

We've had a week of Colins in the front pages.

On opening night, Colin Kaepernick, the 2nd- or 3rd- string 49ers QB, decided to get in the news.  As every NFL fan knows, backup QBs usually say very little.  Tony Romo, for example, was the #3 in Dallas for several years and never said a word.     

Kaepernick has apparently decided to turn his down time on the field into some political crusade over oppression.   

My dad's cousin spent 14 years in a Cuban political prison.  I'm confident that Kaepernick would not recognize oppression if it came in the body of a linebacker tackling to the ground.  Frankly, every time I hear an American talk about oppression, it makes me laugh!  We had many problems, but oppression is not one of them.

My advice to Kaepernick is simple: put your life where your mouth is!  For example, sell your mansion and live with that pretty girlfriend in the inner city.  Put your kids, if you have any, in public schools.  If you don't have kids, put a million down so kids in the inner city can enjoy the same quality education that the Obama girls get in private schools.  Have your pretty girlfriend go jogging or walking every day in the hood.  In other words, live as most black Americans do.   

The other Colin spoke today.  I mean former secretary of state Colin Powell.  I guess they hacked his emails, and we learned a thing or two about what he really thinks.  It was his comments about Mrs. Clinton that will likely make the news.

This is from the New York Times:

In a separate leaked email exchange reported by NBC News, Mr. Powell also criticized aides to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, for their attempts to “drag me in” to the controversies surrounding her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

In that email, Mr. Powell lamented that he had repeatedly told Mrs. Clinton’s “minions” that they are “making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet they still try.”

In her interview with the F.B.I. into the use of the email server, Mrs. Clinton told investigators that Mr. Powell had advised her to use a personal email account, according to notes of the interview disclosed to members of Congress by the bureau last month.

The Associated Press reported that in another leaked email, Mr. Powell, using Mrs. Clinton’s initials, wrote that “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

Oh, my God.  I heard that he referred to the Clinton team as the mafia.  Wonder how long before the ultra-left removes him from the "winter party" invitations (they don't say Christmas) or attacks him for being a deplorable sexist!  After all, who else but a "deplorable" alt-right extremist would refer to the Clinton team as a mafia?    

The first Colin will fade soon.  He is likely to turn into a complicated mess for a 3rd-string QB.  The second Colin will avoid the media, but the damage has been done.  We have more and more confirmation that Mrs. Clinton is a liar and someone who couldn't tell the truth if you made a $100-million contribution to The Clinton Foundation.

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