The Reversion of the NeverTrumps Continues

The NeverTrump movement is on its way to obscurity, destined to become a question in future political trivia contests.  Once feared as a portent of a GOP catastrophe in November that would see Democrats sweep into control of Congress and the White House as the public recoiled in horror from the orange hair and short-fingered vulgarity of Donald Trump [insert shudder here], the NeverTrumps have declined to a stubborn remnant clinging to vague notions of personal superiority and custodianship of “conservative values” that extend to “severe conservative” Mitt Romney but don’t include Donald Trump. The latest NeverTrump to jump ship has a strong background. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit writes: [Texas] Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is taking an official role with the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, serving as his Texas state chairman. During the primaries, Patrick had chaired U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s efforts in...(Read Full Post)