Obama, the original birther enabler

I am happy that this birther movement has finally passed away.  I never bought into it, and I felt that it gave Democrat-friendly reporters something else to ask the GOP about.   

After all, it's better to ask about birthers and about David Duke – a man, by the way, whose name I've never heard mentioned in countless of GOP meetings.  This is certainly a lot better than to ask about black youth unemployment, the lousy inner-city public schools that a lot of Democrat leaders like the Obamas and Clintons do not send their kids to, the total and complete mess in the Middle East, and a GDP that has not been anywhere near 3% since President Obama came into office.   

So goodbye, birthers!  At the same time, let's remember a couple of things about this birther movement that are not often mentioned in the media in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

First, it was actually Mr. Obama who told us he was Kenyan.  It happened when his literary agent said so.  Later it was corrected, as I understand.  Did Mr. Obama know that?  Was it a mistake?  Maybe so.

Let me add this: I am not a famous author like Mr. Obama, but I would have lost a lot of credibility if someone had mentioned in a press release that I was born in Sweden and then wrote a story about a Cuban kid going to Wisconsin.  I would have gone out of my way to correct the mistake.  Obama didn't, and that's weird.  Maybe he was just too busy being a community organizer in Chicago!

Second, it was the Clinton '08 team that put this whole issue on the front pages.  Patti Doyle of Clinton '08 admitted that it was the work of a "rogue" staffer.  I guess someone in the Clinton '08 staff wanted to start a rumor that Mr. Obama is not American.  Imagine that!  How deplorable!  Then Sid Blumenthal got into the act, as he always does when the Clintons need an assassin.

So goodbye, birther movement.  Now maybe the media will finally start talking about issues and stop asking about David Duke!

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