Putin frustrated with Obama's refusal to release details of ceasefire

Vladimir Putin expressed puzzlement over why the Obama administration is refusing to release details of the ceasefire agreement ironed out with Russia last week. A UN Security Council meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss the deal was cancelled when the US refused to share documents with other SC members.

The Hill:

"I don't really understand why we have to keep such an agreement closed," Putin said on a trip to Kyrgyzstan.

He said the U.S. confused by the complexity of the crisis and is supporting the wrong side.

"This comes from the problems the U.S. is facing on the Syrian track — they still cannot separate the so-called the healthy part of the opposition from the half-criminal and terrorist elements," Putin said.

"In my opinion, this comes from the desire to keep the combat potential in fighting the legitimate government of Bashar Assad. But this is a very dangerous route," he added.

A Security Council meeting scheduled to address the peace deal was cancelled Friday due to strong disagreements between Washington and Moscow, according to the Telegraph.

"Most likely we are not going to have a resolution at the Security Council because the United States does not want to share those documents with the members of the Security Council," Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said.

The reason Obama won't release details of the ceasefire agreement because it is embarrassingly one sided. Just about everything that Russia wanted, they got, including the shift in US policy from working for President Assad's ouster to tacitly supporting him. The man that President Obama has been insisting for 5 years "must go," is now a US ally.

The Pentagon is refusing to share information with Russia until they're sure that Putin will hold up his end of the bargain. This includes allowing aid convoys in the beseiged city of Aleppo - something that President Assad is refusing to do. And why not? Syria is on the verge of a huge strategic victory by kicking the rebels out of their most important city. Why give the rebels breathing room when his starvation strategy is working?

Just from what we know about the details of this ceasefire, it is clear that Kerry, in his eagerness to get Russia on board, gave away the store. The secretary of state did not consult the Pentagon about details of the US-Russian military cooperation, which speaks volumes about whose side it favors. Putin's allusions to the US unable to separate the "healthy part of the opposition from the half-criminal and terrorist elements," is a smokescreen. The Pentagon believes - not without cause - that President Assad will target all rebels, believing them all to be "half criminal and terrorists." Any information we give about the positions of US backed rebels will probably be used to destroy them.

Putin would like nothing better than have the administration release details of the agreement. It would show that President Obama's humiliation at the hands of the Russian president was complete.