Rouhani meets Fidel & Raul

We just learned that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani visited Cuba.  My guess is that he is not scouting any Cuban pitchers for an upcoming Iranian baseball league.     This is from the Global Times: Cuban leader Fidel Castro and visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talked about bilateral cooperation and challenges on Monday, according to a government statement.  "In a fraternal exchange, the distinguished visitor expressed satisfaction with his visit to Cuba and made clear his admiration for the struggle, achievements and assistance of the island to other nations," said the statement.  The two leaders also discussed the "complexity" of the international situation.  "Fidel and Rouhani agreed on the analysis of food production in a world threatened by climate change, the relentless growth of the world population and dangers that threaten the preservation of peace," it said.  The pair...(Read Full Post)