Islamists are making the case for profiling

We knew this would happen.

To be sure, it’s easy to say so afterward, but then, you and I both know that we knew.

It started on that infamous day of April 15, 2013, when two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, leaving three dead and more than 250 people injured, some grievously, including at least one man who had both his legs blown off by the explosion.

You and I both recognized immediately that this was an act of Islamist terrorism, but the very first news report I saw blamed the Tea Party.  Yes, the Tea Party, a loosely organized movement that has never committed any acts of violence.  The Democrat Ministry of Propaganda, otherwise known as the mainstream media, was, and is, well aware of this fact.  Nevertheless, many news reporters (read: left-wing propagandists) seemed to be salivating, hoping and wishing that some connection, however tenuous, might be found implicating any conservative organization.

Afterward, when the truth became obvious, the DMoP carefully excluded any reference to Islamic extremism.  After all, we must not profile, must we?

Later, in San Bernardino, neighbors who suspected that Islamic extremists were up to no good declined to notify police because they feared being stigmatized, perhaps even sued, as Islamaphobes.  Fourteen were murdered and many seriously injured when the Islamists launched their attack.  When you first heard that there had been a massacre, did you doubt for a moment that Islamist extremists had done this?

Shame on us for profiling.

Now, two recent attacks, in Minnesota and in the New York-New Jersey area, thankfully did not result in any innocent deaths, but even so, many people were painfully injured.  The intent had been to kill on a large scale.  Both attacks were conducted by, well, let me see (sarcasm here)...Mormons?  Boy Scouts?  The Tea Party?

We both know, don’t we?  We knew even before the news reports confirmed the facts, didn’t we?

Sadly, we will know next time, too.