Could Senator Kaine be nominated in 2020?

The great Michael Barone wrote of the most interesting posts that I've read all year.    He looked at the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton is defeated.  Barone sees a lot of problems, and he is right: But what if Hillary Clinton loses? The political map in that case will look quite different, with Democratic states confined to the Northeast, West Coast and a few splotches in between. The presidential Democratic Party, like the congressional Democratic Party, will be concentrated in heavily Democratic central cities, some sympathetic suburbs and scattered university towns... One option for Democrats would be to moderate their policies, as the New Democrats urged in the 1980s and Bill Clinton did in the 1990s. After all, that proved pretty successful... Hillary Clinton’s move from her husband’s 1990s triangulation to her near-total acceptance this year of Bernie Sanders’ left-wing platform was a rational response to...(Read Full Post)